GPS or GNSS survey methods enable Surveyors to work over larger areas than traditional total station based methods. They are however limited by satellite coverage and have limited operational capability when there is no open sky. GPS based methods are an essential tool that can enable quicker data collection under certain circumstances.

At Kingston & Associates, we are committed to staying abreast with modern technology and being efficient in our service delivery. Thus, we have been working with Trimble GPS and GNSS survey systems for many years. We currently run Trimble GNSS or GPS receivers and have developed years of understanding of the ranges and capabilities of Trimble GPS receivers.

Whether it is VRS surveys on the South African Department of Surveys and mappings NTRIP correction service, logging post processing data for vessel calibrations or running RTK sets for real time centimetre level surveys for topographical and cadastral surveys, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to deliver quality services on time and within the clients’ budgetary requirements.