Kingston and Associates have been registered Professional Land Surveyors since 1995 and are a member of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI). We specialise in servicing the needs of local Architects, Engineers, Town Planners and other Professionals, as well as members of the public in Noordhoek, Sun Valley, Fish Hoek, Glencairn, Clovelly, Simon’s Town, Masiphumelele, Ocean View, Kommetjie and Scarborough since 1998.

Most of our work in the South Peninsula has been of a cadastral nature. We offer cadastral surveys to various construction companies, big or small, national or local throughout the construction process. Some of the services include:

  • Relocation of property beacons and Land Surveyors Certificates
  • setting out boundaries and gridlines
  • control of new building heights
  • Sectional title of elements of construction projects

A cadastral survey involves the demarcation of parcels of land and usually the preparation of a survey diagram for registration in a land registry. In South Africa, the Surveyor-General’s office holds the register of properties specifically related to their mapping extent and description.

Cadastral Surveys are usually carried out by or under the control of a Professional Land Surveyor. Registered properties are defined by survey diagrams usually prepared by a registered Professional Land Surveyor. 

The survey diagrams are mainly characterised by unique coordinate values, beacon descriptions and descriptions of the property. As a result Registered Land Surveyors are tasked with the process of mapping and physically defining the extent of land parcels and preparing survey diagrams to be held by the Surveyor-general’s office.

Cadastral surveys are needed and become necessary when:

  • a land owner wants to sell a piece of their land
  • a land owner wants to consolidate a new parcel of land
  • boundary beacons of the land need to be re-established
  • a record of land ownership for a public register is drafted
  • the State wishes to give or lend a piece of land to its people to build up and to benefit from it
  • servitudes are required

Consolidations and Subdivisions

When individual land owners require changes in the process of land ownership, either for consolidation or subdivision of land parcels, registered Professional Land Surveyors are required to participate in the process and are uniquely placed to offer professional advice on the process.

Relocation of property beacons

Whether it’s a new building being constructed or an existing property needing to re-define the extent of the land, Professional Land Surveyors offer essential services to define the extent of the land.

Property Development

As the City expands and inner City areas densify, land parcels become more and more valuable.  Strategic land parcels become more sought after and need to transform to meet the changing needs of inner City residences, businesses and community facilities. During the processes of re-development Professional Land Surveyors play a unique role in facilitating this.  Some of these processes include:

  • defining the extent of land parcels
  • defining the extent of public and third party rights
  • preparation and submission of planning applications
  • preparation and submission of survey diagrams as well as preparing sectional title plans.

Below is an example of a general plan: